We’re past the halfway point of 2017. Umm, how? Christmas was two weeks ago.

Summer’s a good time for me to go back and examine my goals. (Do you have a certain time of year you like to do this?) Things are a little slower for me. My husband’s home from teaching, so I’m not on kid-duty every hour of the day. The days are nice and long. I have (sorta kinda maybe) more time to write and reflect.

Reviewing goals is never a super-involved process for me; usually it’s more of an internal check-in. But this year I actually wrote down my goals for 2017 and put them in PUBLIC. . .on this blog, no less! Some accountability is in order.

Let’s have a look, shall we?

2017 Goal Progress

Complete revisions for the novel I wrote in 2016. . . Getting there! In May, I was selected for a fantastic contest called Author Mentor Match. My mentor, a fabulous YA author, is helping me get my manuscript up to snuff and ready for submission to agents.

Find a few critique partners with whom I really connect. . .Thanks to Twitter, this is also in the works. I met one critique partner through the hashtag #cpmatch, and a couple other potentials through the Author Mentor Match contest. Twitter, man. It’s where it’s at.

Become agented. . .We’ll see. Haven’t submitted to any agents yet! I want my manuscript as good as it can possibly be. For once, I’m not rushing submission.

Grow my freelance writing business. . .Yessirree! I had a modest monthly income goal for myself when I started my business. To my surprise, I’ve met or exceeded this goal almost every month (I did take time off for two vacations). Did not expect that! I’m working a TON, but I love having agency over my workload and schedule. Makes it reeeeeeaally hard to imagine ever going back to working for a boss.

Write the first draft of my next book. . .Nah. This may be more of an early 2018 goal–I’m too busy on my re-write. I’ve got ideas, though! Sooooo many ideas. One that won’t let me go. Can’t wait to dive into that first draft.

Blog post weekly. . . NOPE! Obvi. Though I do dearly love to blog. Client work and work on my novel has taken precedence over blogging. It is what it is. I know my bloggy’s always here for me.

Read more books in my genre. . .I was all set to type YES OF COURSE on this one when I popped over to Goodreads and. . .hmmm. It appears I haven’t read any middle grade books this year. (Not good!) I’ve read a lot of excellent YA, but no middle grade! How did that happen? WHAT SHOULD I READ?

For real–help me out. I’ve got 14 Hollow Road checked out from the library and can’t wait to start. What else, book people?

. . .and some of my non-writing goals

Establish a meditation practice. . .Don’t know how well it’s “established,” but YES, I have a meditation practice. It’s halting and flawed, but it’s there. I rely heavily on YouTube–so many fabulous guided meditations. Check them out. (I’m a baby in my practice and depend on guided meditations to keep my rabbit brain from hopping all over the place. They’re gold!)

Potty-train girlies. . .Nope. Maybe when I’m done with this re-write. (I say that about a lot of things).

Buy a house. . .We’re close. I can feel it. Thanks to my freelance writing income, the husband and I feel like buying a house in Dallas’s uber-competitive real estate market is not out of reach. Inching closer and closer to escrow. . .we’re ready for ya, baby.

All in all, I’m pretty happy with the way things are going. You win some, you lose some. . .you drop a few, you completely forget about others. C’est la vie.

I’m perhaps not as far along toward my goals as I envisioned at the beginning of the year. But I can’t help but look over my goal list and feel grateful to be where I am. Which may be the best thing about goal-setting; it encourages you to pause, reflect, say “wow, that really happened.” Or “Wow, I can’t wait until that happens.” Or “Wow, that’s really happening.”

It did and it is and it will.



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