11 Twitter Hashtags for Aspiring Authors


Last week we dipped our toes into the ocean of Twitter and discussed, ever so briefly, why you need to be swimming in it. For writers wanting to be published, there’s simply no other place with as much information about the latest industry trends.This week we get more specific: what hashtags do aspiring authors need to be following?

I’ll begin with a caveat: any list I make is bound to be woefully incomplete (and more YA-focused). New hashtags spring up all the time as trends rapidly change. That being said, here are the ones I search regularly, with a brief description of each:


1. #querytip: Agents tweet out tips to help you rock your query letter, such as:






2. #askagent: Writers pose questions to agents–about query letters, publishing trends, whether they’re open to certain genres, etc.

3. #pubtip: Similar to query tip, but more broadly focused on do’s and don’ts once an author is published.

4. #amwriting: General hashtag for writing endeavors. I pop on over to this one when in between word sprints, when I’m feeling particularly accomplished, OR when the words just aren’t coming. There’s always encouragement to be found here, with fellow writers as your cheerleaders.

5. #onelinewednesday: Got a sentence in your manuscript that’s especially sparkly? Tweet it out and build intrigue for your book!

6. #nanowrimo: National Novel Writer’s Month (November), for the un-initiated. I think about it every year but have never taken the plunge. (Have you? I really, really want to. One year.)

7. #fridayreads: I love using this one when I’m a devouring a great book. Try tweeting at an author and tell her how much you’re enjoying her work. It’s fun to spread good juju!

8. #ownvoices: This hashtag sprang up on Sept. 6, 2015. It’s kid-lit focused and promotes authors of diverse characters who are from the particular diverse demographic that appears in their stories. More and more agents are asking for this (and I think that’s a WONDERFUL thing).

9. #pitmad: In the words of its creator Brenda Drake, #pitmad is “a pitch party on Twitter where writers tweet a 140 character pitch for their completed, polished, unpublished manuscripts.” PitMad days happen several times throughout the year. It’s just one of the many Twitter contests managed by the amazing Brenda Drake–who’s website aspiring middle grade and young adult authors should definitely be following. (It’s amazing. She’s amazing.)

10. #mswl: Manuscript Wish List. This is from the mind of agent Jessica Sinsheimer and. it’s. AWESOME. Agents tweet out what types of manuscripts they’d like to see in their inboxes like so:

Authors can scan through the hashtag to see who’s got keywords that align with their manuscript. What a freakin’ awesome tool to refine the query process–and it’s updated all the time. There’s even a MSWL website to make the author-agent-connection process even simpler. Yes please!

11. #cpmatch: CP stands for “critique partner.” There are special #cpmatch days where authors can tweet a brief description of their book in the hopes of finding a buddy with whom they can trade manuscripts. If it’s not one of those days, you can still use the hashtag: tweet a brief description of your book including the genre and see if you get any bites. (It worked for me!)

Do you know how to describe your book’s genre on Twitter? Here’s a beginner’s guide.

I’ll say it again: if you want to be published and you’re not on Twitter, you’re missing out on a VAST well of helpful information from industry insiders who want to take you from writer to author.

There you have it–my guide to navigating the publishing world on Twitter. Hope you find it helpful in your journey to publication.

Did I leave out your favorite hashtag? I wanna hear about it!



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